Sunday School Ministry

Sunday School Ministry

The Bible Teaching Ministry (Sunday School) 
This class reaches beyond the walls of the church through our teaching ministry at The Culpeper. Each Sunday teachers provide Sunday School lessons to the residents of the Health Care and Assisted Living units and to the Independent Living residents. These lessons take place at 9:00 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. every Sunday. The dedicated group of teachers find this to not only be a time of spiritual enrichment for the residents, but equally a time that they, the teachers, feel so extremely blessed by the deep sense of love and appreciation shown by the residents. This ministry is certainly one in which there is an exchange of God's love through His people. There is a group of five individuals that, on a rotating basis, cover the teaching responsibilities. Members that are committed to this ministry also have the support of several teachers from our sister church, Bethel Baptist in Reva, VA. 

Fellowship Group 1 this group started in November of 2016 and consist of young professionals and parents of chlidren still at home.  Contact Dan for more info.

Fellowship Group 2 this group started in February of 2017 and consist of mid career folks and empty nesters.  Contact Hans for more info. 

The Pioneers Class
Age: 50 and up with many retired.
This class is made up of singles, couples, and several who have a spouse in another class. The age range for this class tends to be in the 50s and up, with many retired. The Pioneers welcome anyone who is interested. The class is built around lively discussions of scripture lessons rather than a lecture format. Therefore, the teachers are mainly facilitators. Other class members periodically take a unit or a Sunday to lead the discussion. The class hosts potlucks and game nights, as well as a Christmas gathering. 

The Joy Class
Age: As young as you feel but mostly between 40-70 and primarily couples.
The Joy class uses Lifeway Adult Bible Studies for Life and primarily Senior Adults. The Joy Class values fellowship, is welcoming to new comers, and is very active in outreach and mission projects. This class is "just older youth actively connecting through Christ-centered worship, growth, and service to others".

The Ruth Class
Age: All women, nearing or beyond retirement.
The Ruth class is currently using Smyth and Helwy  study with scripture as the primary reference. This class uses various Bible studies led by class members. They class welcome discussion and involvement both within and outside the Sunday morning session aiming toward presenting God's love and message through study, involvement, outreach, and caring for others. 

The Genesis Class
Age: Men and Women ages 30-60.
This class is filled with men and women, single and married, who enjoy lively discussions about the application of the Bible to our daily lives. Currently the class is studying the book of Revelation, based on David Jeremiah's Escape the Coming Night study. Class format is more discussion-based than teacher- led. Prior to the current study of Revelation, the class read and discussed Mark Batteson's The Circle Maker. The Genesis class enjoys showing the love of Jesus through serving others locally, nationally, and internationally.