GRACE Safeguarding Training

This past year we have been working with GRACE on updating our policies for people who work with children and teenagers and educating ourselves on best practices.  GRACE has met with the leadership from both Maranatha and CBC.  Our next step is to do congregational training and we want to invite you to join us for a 2 part training - Part 1 is July 28 from 12:00-2:00 p.m.  and Part 2 is August 11 from 12:00-2:00 p.m.  Lunch will be provided click here to sign up - or contact  

GRACE’s Safeguarding Training is designed to give any and all adults in the church both education and skills to contribute to safety in the community. The training will focus on the necessary tools to recognize, prevent, and respond to abuse in a godly way, as well as care for survivors. This training will address common forms of abuse with a particular focus on abuse in a church setting. The training is PowerPoint-based and interactive throughout.

This training will cover the follow specific topics:

Part 1 - Facing the Reality of Abuse in the Church

  • How the Bible Speaks to Abuse
  • Jesus’s Teaching and Basic Abuse Dynamics
  • The Role All Play in a Safe Community
  • Definitions and Prevalence of Abuse
  • Interactive Scenario: Recognizing Common Abuse Dynamics

Part 2 - Responding to the Impact of Abuse

  • Common Impacts of Abuse
  • Introduction to Trauma
  • Becoming a Trauma-Informed Community
  • Practical Skills When Caring for Survivors

Part 3 - Understanding Offenders and Their Tactics

  • Offender Dynamics
  • Understanding Grooming Tactics
  • Interactive Exercise: Recognizing Grooming Behavior
  • Recognizing DARVO as an Offender Tactic
  • Accountability and Forgiveness

Part 4 - Your Role in Prevention and Response

  • Your Role in Upholding Safe Boundaries
  • Responding to Concerning Behavior
  • Owning Your Policy As a Community
  • Response to Child Abuse: Basics and Q&A
  • How to Recognize Child Abuse: Common Response Situations
  • Response to Adult Abuse
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