Join us In Person

Join Us In Person

(August 12, 2021 update)  In recent days, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has continued to inform the public of the extremely contagious nature of the Delta variant.  The information from the CDC addresses the susceptibility of our young people and those persons who are not vaccinated.  Out of concern for those who are more susceptible, and to consider what a “best practice” would be in order to respond to the Delta variant of COVID19, the Leadership Council convened to discuss protective measures for our church family/members.  Giving consideration to the CDC’s information and the increasing number of infections, the Leadership Council has agreed that we should strongly encourage everyone to wear a mask during close contact situations within the church building.

**The LC understands that the Child Development Center has specific guidelines which they are required to follow.

Susanne Dorsey                Paul Bates                          Allison Ford        Thelma Moss      Keri Nicholson

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