One Person At A Time.



Culpeper Baptist Church was birthed in 1774 in the soil of religious liberty by our pastor Nathaniel Saunders, who was imprisoned in the Culpeper Jail and our 3rd  pastor, John Leland, who helped establish religious freedom in the Constitution. While we remain linked to our past, we are keenly focused on the present and looking toward the future just as they were.

From our earliest days, whether it was taking a stand for religious liberty and preaching from jail or more recently, constructing a retirement home (The Culpeper), and a preschool (Culpeper Baptist Child Development Center), we have responded to the mission God called us to do.

Today, through many vibrant partnerships with community organizations, we continue to enrich the lives of our church and community. We believe we are better together than apart and with that mindset, we now collaborate with more than 50 organizations to help bring the community together.

We invite you to come in and be a part of the conversation. Connect with others in our
community either on Sundays or throughout the week and join us as we connect….one
person at a time.

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