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Who we are

Culpeper Baptist Church has a rich history dating back to 1774, rooted in the principles of religious liberty. Our founders, like pastor Nathaniel Saunders and pastor John Leland, made courageous stands for freedom of belief. We continue their legacy today by embracing our past while focusing on the present and the future. 

From advocating for religious freedom to building the Culpeper retirement home and the Culpeper Baptist Child Development Center, we’ve always responded to God’s Mission.

Join us on Sundays to be a part of this meaningful conversation. Connect with fellow members of our community, either during our services or throughout the week.

We’re committed to connecting, one person at a time.

Join Us In Person or Online

Worship Service: 10:30 am

Worship and live stream: 9:00 am

We’re celebrating
Culpeper Baptist Church 250th Anniversary

We’ve got events for everyone,
So check them out here and JOIN US!

Upcoming Events


Converge on Wednesday Nights (middle & high school)

Summer Converge is for middle/high schoolersDanny Emery is our youth intern...

Fun Filled Faith for Families THIS Sunday

Fun-Filled Faith, 9:50-10:30, THIS Sunday--Join us for a fun-filled time of growing...

Helping churches in Ukraine & Pakistan

Received $10,213 to dateWe are looking forward to having Pastor Joel from...

CBC's 250th Celebration with The Culpeper/Lifespire

Rev. J. T. Edwards had a vision for a "home for the...

August 17 Summer Concert – Charly Beathard, Eli Gable & Cade Thompson

Join us Saturday, August 17 at 7:00 p.m. Get your tickets here and...

GRACE Safeguarding Training

This past year we have been working with GRACE on updating our...

Sign up for Fall Dinner groups

Get to know new folks!Dinner groups are a great and informal way...

Mission and Prayer – Summer Sermon Series

Missions and PrayerSince Easter we have been asking the question - "What...


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