One Person at a time.


Culpeper Baptist Church, founded in 1774, embodies over 250 years of faith and community. Over the years, we've adapted to meet the evolving needs of our congregation and community, becoming a dynamic center for worship, community engagement, and outreach. Our commitment to diversity and unity remains unwavering today.

Come Join Us!

Culpeper Baptist Church has a rich history dating back to 1774, rooted in the principles of religious liberty. Our founders, like pastor Nathaniel Saunders and pastor John Leland, made courageous stands for freedom of belief. We continue their legacy today by embracing our past while focusing on the present and the future. 

From advocating for religious freedom to building the Culpeper retirement home and the Culpeper Baptist Child Development Center, we’ve always responded to God’s Mission. Join us on Sundays to be a part of this meaningful conversation. Connect with fellow members of our community, ether during our services or throughout the week. 

At Culpeper Baptist Church, we’re committed to connecting, one person at a time.

Capturing Our Community

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Tune in on Sundays at 9:00am to join us for our services online. You can also tune in here for special events. 

Our Leadership Team

As we journey together in faith, we believe that understanding our leadership team is an essential part of building connections with each other. Explore our leadership team page to discover the faces and stories behind Culpeper Baptist Church, and learn more about how they help us to connect, grow and thrive as a spiritual family.


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