Church Letter -April 23

Dear Friends–

Three months ago if you had asked me about the future of our church, I would have responded with a lot of ideas – probably more than you wanted to hear.  As I mentioned in this past Sunday’s sermon, we had a lot of plans going into this year.  Now, plans are changing.
I’m being drawn more and more to the story of Barnabas these days.  He was known as the encourager of the early church.  In the book of Acts, we find out that he spoke up for Paul during the early days of Paul’s new life in Christ.  Barnabas encouraged others through his generosity (he sold a field to give to the work of the early church).  He didn’t write a book in the New Testament or preach any great sermons that we are aware of, but he provided a foundation of encouragement for the struggling, new church.
Our world needs a lot of encouragement.  You might need encouragement.  Some have lost jobs and income, some are missing wonderful events of life transitions (weddings, graduations, anniversary and birthday parties, special vacations) and some feel isolated and discouraged.  If you are in that situation – can I encourage you to reach out to someone?  Let us know how we can encourage you and pray for you.
Let’s think and pray about what a Barnabas church looks like in Culpeper in 2020.  How can we encourage others?  Would you share your thoughts with me?  “So encourage each other and build each other up, just as you are already doing.” (1 Thessalonians 5:11 NLT).  Let’s make that our prayer this week.


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