Leadership Council Report to the Congregation – May 1, 2020

A time of rapid change

We did not know on Sunday, March 8th that our worship gatherings would be the last in-person get-to-gathers for a while.  As we have all confessed, we haven’t experienced anything like this before; so we are finding our way just like everyone else.  I want to let you know how we are responding, bring you up to date with what is happening with the church and look forward as much as we are able.  We will communicate with the congregation monthly but please reach out if you have a need.  The Leadership Council is currently meeting every other week to check in with what is happening with the church.    Thank you for your trust in the church’s leadership to make decisions during this uncertain time.

What we have done since March 15

We are so encouraged by how quickly our congregation adjusted!  It is amazing to see everyone’s engagement on social media, the way you are connecting with each other and your concern for the church.  Below is a summary of what has taken place during the past 6 weeks:

  • We closed the building to all uses except for the Child Development Center and the office of the church.
  • We transitioned to an online worship service at 10:00 a.m. that is available on our Facebook page, YouTube page and through our website (click on ‘watch live’). We have experienced some glitches with streaming on Facebook, so we have encouraged people to use YouTube and our website for a more consistent live stream.  So far, we have had over 1000 views of each week’s service!
  • We started daily scripture and prayer posts on Facebook March 16th, and we have posted that consistently on Monday-Friday since. We would love for you to create a video reading scripture and having prayer and send it to us at (office@culpeperbaptist.org).
  • We have expanded our “homebound mailing list,” and we have moved to mailing twice a month (as opposed to weekly). If you know of someone who would like to be on the list, please contact the office (office@culpeperbaptist.org).
  • Dan & Lee Ann continue to work in the office; Hans is primarily working from The Culpeper; Randy, Alex, Jeanine and Joyce are working from home. All of us participate in a weekly zoom staff meeting.
  • The MFuge trip involving 30+ teens from CBC and Maranatha was cancelled by MFuge. While we are disappointed, we do hope to build on this momentum for our 2021 trip.
  • In addition to our weekly worship service, we have added other content to our social media platforms:
    • Bible Study with Hans & Dan (just finished The Gospel of Mark).
    • Church History with Roger L. Clatterbuck and Dan.
    • Getting to know you and special features (i.e. Jason Ford, Financial Peace University).
    • Good Friday service (with scripture readings primarily from our members at The Culpeper).
    • Music offerings from Randy & Alex and our social media star, Phyllis Turner!
    • Community Church Live Stream on Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m. featuring area churches that come together to offer encouragement.
    • Special and fun videos – virtual Acoustic Café, Softball Team preview and more on the way.
  • In the beginning of March, the church did not have a zoom account – now we have 2! Here’s what we are currently doing on zoom:
    • Ruth Class Sunday School Bible Study, Sundays at 2:00 p.m. and a social time during the week.
    • Griefshare meets Sundays at 5:00 p.m.
    • Youth Group meets Wednesdays at 6:00 p.m. and has a social time on another day.
    • 20 Something group meets on Thursdays at 7:00 p.m.
    • Prayer groups are occurring on Wednesdays at 9:00 a.m. and Fridays at 3:00 p.m.
  • A dial-in prayer call has recently begun.
  • Stephen Ministry supervision and training began April 28th at 5:30 p.m.
  • We plan to add additional Bible studies and groups on zoom in the coming weeks. Please let us know what is of interest to you that we can add.
  • We have invested in a new computer for the sanctuary, stage lighting in the worship center and additional software to help with our live stream production in the worship center and sanctuary. We are exceedingly grateful to Tim Setzer, Tony Buxton and Winston Bender for all the work they are doing to make this happen.
  • The e-news is now sent out weekly on Friday mornings. If you are not receiving it – please contact the church office (office@culpeperbaptist.org)
  • Our Deacons, staff, ministry leaders and Stephen Ministers are reaching out to folks on a regular basis to check in and offer assistance. We have over 900 members so we realize we might be missing folks – please contact the church office if you know of someone who needs assistance.
Church Financial Report –church finances
Looking Forward

Things are changing rapidly in our world but here is our response:

  • We have established two teams to help us look forward. Leadership from CBC, Maranatha and Antioch Baptist will work together on these teams.  Team 1 is “What should we be doing now?”  Team 2 is “What does the future of the church look like?”  These teams will begin to meet in early May and will help us present a unified front of ministry and mission to our community and world.
  • We are exploring what is necessary to re-open the church buildings. We will follow the guidance from the Federal, State and local governments as well as seek guidance from denominational partners and our insurance company.  We plan to take a very cautious approach to any reopening.
  • We expect to start hosting the town’s drive through farmer’s market on Saturday, May 16. Culpeper Renaissance (CRI) reached out to us about using our parking lot, and we agreed.  Culpeper Town Police will be present to provide traffic support and to maintain social distancing.
  • We continue to work with our community partners and other churches to identify needs and respond quickly to those needs.
  • We will get the consultant report regarding Senior Adult Day Care in May. This report was funded by the Path Foundation and will give us guidance on development of a Senior Adult Day Care with multiple community partners.  While we might not be able to move forward as quickly as we initially hoped, we still believe there will be a significant need for this service in our community.
  • We are working with the staff and the Finance Committee to develop a church budget that reflects the reality of what is happening in our community and church.
  • We will work with educators in our church, our community and partner with our Child Development Center to identify ways we can help children academically.

While this is, indeed, a time of rapid, unprecedented change as well as anxiety for our church family, our community and our world—now more than ever, we have the responsibility to offer folks around us hope and reassurance as well as help while we navigate this new normal alongside them.  We can choose to focus on the pandemic and complain about all the changes in our world or we can step boldly into this moment with the hope and love of Jesus Christ.  Let’s take a page from our long history, and meet this emergency with the confidence that our God is able and with the resources and gifts He has so generously provided!  ‘. . . to whom much is given, much is required. . .’   As always, we want to hear your thoughts and ideas about how we can all be a blessing to our community and our world.  Please feel free to give me a call or send an email and share your heart with us.

Leadership Council  (to contact a member of Leadership Council – send an e-mail to the church office.

Suzanne Dorsey, Chair                                    Paul W. Bates, Jr., Vice Chair                             Anne Yeaman

Phyllis Turner                                                   Keri Nicholson                                                     Geary Parkinson

Thelma Moss (rep. from Finance)                Brandi Warfield (rep. from Personnel

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